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Contemporary Kosher Catering

Neil Samuels Catering   020 8386 7696

We provide a bespoke service... a feast for the soul and senses

Our ethos is to set the highest possible standard in catering. Our clients expect flawless organisation, spectacular design, elegant venues, delicious food and drink delivered by a team of personable and professional staff. We provide a bespoke service, a feast for the soul and senses.

Creativity is at the heart of what we do and clients know us through reputation for staging the sedate and the intimate, as well as the flamboyant and the glamorous. Prompted by the desire to be the best, we work tirelessly to create the right ambience and experience for you.

Neil Samuels Catering   020 8386 7696

If you would like more information, then contact Neil on 020 8386 7696 or by email.
Every question you have is so important and we will be there for you from your first call until function ends.

Make the dream happen.

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